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Mary & Rachel

"I have been taking Pilates classes with Karina for 18 months now. I love her classes because they are small, friendly and fun. I can always get personalised instruction if required. And even though I've been doing Pilates a while Karina always come up with something new to challenge me. Pilates has increased my flexibility and strength and improved my energy levels. I've found when I go for a run, Karina's Pilates has really helped my fitness level too. I love it!"

M Wells


"At 52, working at a 9 to 5 desk job and a Systemic Lupus sufferer into the bargain, I found certain forms of extreme exercise were causing me more harm than good, so when my daughter suggested I should give Pilates a go, I thought "Why not?"So early 2010 saw me at my first Pilates class run by Karina and that was it, I was to become hooked.

Thanks to Karina, her unique teaching style and continued encouragement, my posture has seen a vast improvement, (no more slumping or slouching), my flexibility continues to improve with each session, my personal achievements in mastering new movements never cease to amaze me and healthwise I have never been better, so, if you're thinking of trying one of Karina's Pilates classes, I can only say " Don't think about it, just come and give it a go, you will be truly amazed at what you can achieve, how good you will feel afterwards and it is a fun workout also." 

As for me? Well, I am addicted and so as long as Karina continues to teach, I will continue to attend, so thank-you Karina."

B Phillips


"I have suffered from neck and back pain, at intervals, for over twenty years. I have had accupuncture, various massage techniques and physiotherapy, with mixed results. More recently the pain became more or less constant. It was affecting my enjoyment of life, I really needed to do something. I started to do one Pilates session a week and things improved. Then I added two sessions a week, and really, the problem has gone away.

Now, my whole body, not just my neck and back, feels more flexible and toned. Karina keeps Pilates interesting, by rotating exercises and introducing new ones, so that every week is different.

M K Rodgers 

"I started Pilates with Karina 3 years ago because of lower back pain and after seeing the great results both my husband and mother-in-law have started.

Karina comes to our home each week, which is fantastic as she can spend time on us individually, tailoring exercises to our specific requirements.

Can't speak highly enough of Karina."

L Rix